family. ties.

December 3, 2006

wafers14: should i be worried that you had that gorging message up at like 10 this morning?

Auto response from SPOON10: gorging at my italian family feast..

wafers14: and how are you having an italian family feast is we’re all here
wafers14: dont forget you’re a ugalini now.
wafers14: ugilini?
wafers14: damn im a bad person.. dont even know my heritage


nerd. alert.

November 29, 2006

jep4s (3:37:33 PM): thats not nice
Auto response from SPOON10 (3:37:33 PM): eating nerds to stay awake..
jep4s (3:37:42 PM): just cause they’re smaller than you doesnt mean you should eat them!

did you hear about the time my co-workers set a nerd trap in the middle of the newsroom for me? yeah, of course I fell for it..

bike != baby

November 24, 2006

wafers14: you are such a dorkkkkk

Auto response from SPOON10: is this what it feels like to have a sick child at the hospital? my bike is in the shop :-(
(okay, so i’m getting it back tomorrow but i’m still distraught)

wafers14: a bike isnt a baby!!
wafers14: though at this point.. yours seems to be costing you about the same as a child would…
wafers14: at least it doesnt cry in the middle of the night i guess?

ass. pain.

November 14, 2006

rmhtarheel (11:37:03 AM): see i would have thought the opposite

Auto response from SPOON10 (11:37:03 AM): “you know, you look like a pain in the ass, but you’re actually somewhat useful.”

rmhtarheel (11:37:20 AM): you look useful, but you’re actually a pain in the ass

booze. crew.

November 8, 2006

guyzbliss: i guess…hmmm, maybe 10 years ago? that’s pushing it, though…alkfdj;

Auto response from SPOON10: phattatattat: when was the last time you were 100% sober?

hallo. drunk.

November 6, 2006

dwells on dreams: several comments on the pics

Auto response from SPOON10:

dwells on dreams: a) love it
dwells on dreams: b) i love sparks!!! recently realized how awesome it is
dwells on dreams: c) disappointed about the red sox hat
dwells on dreams: d) but the guy w/the usc hat makes up for it

alcoholics not so anonymous

November 5, 2006

dwells on dreams: meeeeeeee tooooooooo!
Auto response from SPOON10: waaaaaaasted
dwells on dreams: wish we were wasted together so we could talk all things espn and cynical

culinary. expert.

November 3, 2006

Rebel2524: i am not entirely sure if making jello shots counts as “slaving away in the kitchen”…then again, who am I to judge?

Auto response from SPOON10: tomorrow i slave away in the kitchen preparing for the party.. more specifically, making jello shots

family. ties.

October 26, 2006

kjp4f: illegal
SPOON10: but you can be my lawyer
SPOON10: so i’m okay with it
kjp4f: no…. i can only be lawyer for people who pay me…
SPOON10: didn’t you get an allowance for a few years? consider it paid (via dad)
SPOON10: also, remember the time you shut me in the trunk of the car? you totally owe me
kjp4f: whatever

party. prep.

October 17, 2006

rmhtarheel (5:10:09 PM): how ya feeling? frazzled yet?
SPOON10 (5:10:22 PM): haha, panic mode ensues
SPOON10 (5:10:44 PM): i feel like i’m spending more time planning my halloween festivities unfortunately
rmhtarheel (5:12:34 PM): priorities are in order, so you haven’t completely lost it
SPOON10 (5:13:38 PM): belated housewarming, halloween, post gmat party, et al.
SPOON10 (5:13:44 PM): we’re a little behind
rmhtarheel (5:13:48 PM): i like it
SPOON10 (5:14:20 PM): festive orange jello shots
SPOON10 (5:14:23 PM): my specialty
SPOON10 (5:14:43 PM): and who said i wasn’t domestic?
SPOON10 (5:14:53 PM): i make the best jello shots in town!
rmhtarheel (5:15:13 PM): you are practically a stepford wife

chicken. legs.

October 13, 2006

EV1LMOLLY: and also, that no matter how much they feed you….
EV1LMOLLY: you’ll still have chicken legs
SPOON10: they just don’t go away!
EV1LMOLLY: no kidding
EV1LMOLLY: you could weigh 300 pounds
EV1LMOLLY: it would all be from the butt up
EV1LMOLLY: topped off with the pineapple

permanent. prep.

October 10, 2006

jep4s (3:55:51 PM): hahhaaha
Auto Response from SPOON10 (3:55:52 PM): “you always look like you came in from the golf course or sailing.” -coworker
jep4s (3:55:52 PM): nice
jep4s (3:56:06 PM): thats a good villanova/madeira girl

snack. attack.

September 21, 2006

wafers14: have yo had the special k with yogurt and fruit?
wafers14: its delic
wafers14: and i hope im not allergic to almonds
wafers14: cause im eating some vanilla and almond kind right now
wafers14: special k set the bar high with red berries
wafers14: and they met it
DieSquirrel: i’m a big fan of the berry krispies
wafers14: whats that
DieSquirrel: kind of a fusion of berry berry kix and rice krispies
DieSquirrel: the krispies are fruit flavored
wafers14: well thats good b/c after breakfast you can have recess for 15 mins
DieSquirrel: shut up

bear. hug.

September 20, 2006

This is something that probably shouldn’t be endorsed:
BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Man bites panda after zoo attack

Which appropriately breaks the day after CNN runs a video about a lady biting a Doberman .

Panda biting link compliments of the twin:
jep4s: isnt that awesome
SPOON10: we just had a lady who bit a doberman yesterday

jep4s: well thats just dumb

jep4s: he wanted to hug the panda!!!
SPOON10: hahahahhaha

jep4s: thats something i would want to do
SPOON10: umm i would want to hug the baby panda

SPOON10: who is all cute and cuddly and nonthreatning

jep4s: butterstick!!


SPOON10: i LOVE butterstick
SPOON10: the atlanta zoo just had a baby panda last week, i’m hoping it will be half as cute as butterstick
jep4s: mmmhmm

jep4s: i love all pandas

Speaking of the ATL Zoo, CNN has provided a Panda Cam for your daily fix. Though the baby panda is still in its fur-less pink worm looking stage, so it’s not cute yet.

cold. front.

August 13, 2006

Rebel2524: you are such a southerner
Auto response from SPOON10: high of 80 today.. it’s freeeeezing
Rebel2524: in iraq and/or afghanistan, we cheer when it’s only 80 degrees

age. simulation.

August 9, 2006

check out what the celeb babies will look like when they’re all 20.. Coco Cox, Madonna’s kids, Sean Preston, etc.

guyzbliss: i want your life just because of your away message…dammit. ldk;afa…
Auto response from SPOON10: today at wholefoods the cashier girl decided to just give me half my stuff for free.. what a great day

go figure, even CLEMSON is getting a new boathouse before us..
Bow pair waffle house break in two.

forza azzurri

July 4, 2006

dwells on dreams: i was gonna wear my italia jersey today, but decided that made me way too unamerican
SPOON10: hahhaa yeah
SPOON10: good point
SPOON10: maybe i will wear my italy shirt underneath something when i go to work
dwells on dreams: haha good call
dwells on dreams: and rip it off
dwells on dreams: in a fit of ethnic pride

cinco de fiesta

May 5, 2006

Get your Mexican independence celebration on! Does anyone have a sombrero I can borrow? BTW, wouldn’t this have been a better day for the “day without an immigrant” protests?

hilarious video.. and I don’t even like cats.

wafers14: you should listen to/make your life story this song
wafers14: it goes.. “ever since i can remember ive been popping my collar”
SPOON10: christian says everytime she hears it she thinks of me
SPOON10: three six mafia
wafers14: haha yeah i think of you too
wafers14: sad haha

true. lies.

May 2, 2006
phattatattati still love you more
SPOON10i don’t believe you

reunion. chatter

April 25, 2006

[former house adult at Madeira] was impressed that you work at [snip]

phattatattati made you sound very busy and important

SPOON10was she expecting more along the lines of "passed out drunk on the curb"?

phattatattatummm, welllll, probably


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