theme of the week: to sum up, BANACOLATE.

3 braves games in one week.. so hardcore.

ohnocheese: you crazy southerner

pictures from the past week in ball-related sports

i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again. karl malone is a dirty player. and i don’t get why he and gary payton are looked upon as noble or something for taking a pay cut to hop on the lakers bandwagon. hey, if i made multiple millions of dollars every year, why would it make a difference if i made only a couple million this year? you need to earn your championships, morons. a complete disgrace.

eastern sprints. yay for sam (6 seat). boo to katie sweet trying to pull off the nubbins (unsuccessfully).

also, someone needs to talk to the 6 seat in harvard’s light 8 about looking out of the boat. every single picture.

just to clarify, the dad vail regatta is NOT nationals.


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