birfday ups

happy birfday to like everyone i know.

poor pacers (reggie miller was my hero for so long), but it’s the pistons who have the only shot at making the finals competitive, as much as i despise the two former wizards players who didn’t do crap for DC but then actually started playing when they left.

you know, i really hate the term “preggers”. there’s nothing cute about getting fat and bloated for 9 months.

steering the pair while trying to remember how to row (it’s been 2 years) just stresses me out.

you know what’s not fair? this:
Auto response from kengstar7: 90210 and sleep and beach.

happy national iced tea month. but please, no unsweetened grossness.

please, someone tell me WHY is the krispy kreme in buckhead closed??

my friend luke got to row with vanna white! he’s the stroke seat.. my friend/former co-worker rich was in charge of the photography.

kengstar7: i should get a funny job somewhere
kengstar7: that would benefit us
kengstar7: LIQUOR STORE
kengstar7: omg.
kengstar7: do you know how much money we would save?

i may not have gone where i intended to go, but i think i have ended up where i intended to be.


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