bow pair battle ram!

alright, who wants to pay my rent tomorrow?

kellyann549: BOW PAIR BATTLE RAM

link of the day:

im of the day:
kellyann549: then i can run my own house
kellyann549: or even a restaurant, oooooh
SPOON10: count me in
kellyann549: you can be my HOfficial taste tester
SPOON10: i’m sold
SPOON10: where do i sign?
kellyann549: somewhere in chocolate frosting

honorable mention:
Tim Maryak: i wear the apron

daughter of the year candidacy:
jep4s: mom and dad are saving SIXY THOUSANND dollars compare to you
SPOON10: good thing, they can spend that on some typing lessons for you
jep4s: yeah whatevr
jep4s: go away
jep4s: im workgin

did you know that today is the last day in georgia that you can only purchase beer with 6% alcohol? in an effort to become more international, georgia will allow beer to have 14% alcohol as of july 1, 2004. word.

gocubbies21: i really want to marry a cowboy

RIP eileen lupton 6/29/2003


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