“For so many Americans this campaign is about the future and restoring hope. People are desperate to believe tomorrow will be better than today.” -John Edwards

new music:  Sugarland (atlanta’s very own) and Tyler Hilton (no relation to Paris).

who listens to 6 hours of country? another reason i don’t mind the 8 hour drive to and from va – i get to choose the music.

julia reed quote of the day:
“Every Southerner alive, at many, many points in their childhood, hear the words, “But what will people think?” It was usually uttered before one of the children in question was about to commit some horrible social crime like wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt. My own father once told me I could never again wear the jeans I had just worn to eat lunch at Sherman’s Grocery Store because they had holes in the knees – holes I had carefully cultivated, holes I prayed would hurry up and appear. It was a grocery store, for God’s sake, where you stood in line and ordered plate lunches and barbeque sandwiches, but everybody in town ate lunch there, and there was just no telling what they might think.”

link of the day:

funny how all my life i’ve mostly considered myself republican (and even worked for jesse helms) yet i hate bush so much.. however, i’m not the only one jumping ship on this election.

“You’ll never be 100 percent. It’s how you overcome those things that matters.” –diana taurasi

here is the 10k program that i will make an effort to do this summer (as opposed to not really training for my races).

wish me luck.


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