meat. hook.

theme of the week: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” -George Eliot

bunches of work being updated today in the portfolio.

lasting image on the espy’s: gail devers nails = gross!


Yet another signal of NHL’s irrelevance: Can you imagine an NBA or NFL star’s homicide trial going as unnoticed as Heatley’s? …

strangest headline ever: Meat hook dangling craze mystifies police.

are you red or blue? i was reddish..

random madeira moment: i was watching a WNBA game a few weeks ago between LA and houston. the announcers are talking about the LA coach so the camera keeps panning over to him, and i notice in the first row a navy shirt with a big M and madeira written on the sleeve. i’m in disbelief, but they kept showing it. so i called my sister and she’s able to see it and it turns out she kinda knows this chick who was sitting in the front row directly behind the sparks bench. weird.

Porgy9: dana-i must say your website is numero uno and damn woman you can run

Porgy9: you’re an animal

Porgy9: i will have to enlist u as my personal trainer


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