happy birfday big bro!

scanned: photography in the portfolio.

tour de LANCE: 6 down. modest conclusion: the french suck. “There is a lot of jealousy in France, and many people hate to see someone from outside do so well … The French don’t really talk about him. They look for drugs, some explanation.” six in a row is good enough explanation to me.

okay, i know i have a shoe problem, esp when it comes to sneakers. but i MUST have these, or maybe this color. must must must.

Well if you’re ever down in georgia round about july
If you ain’t in a hurry then you oughta stop by
I can guarantee that you’re gonna have a ball
Learning how to do the watermelon crawl

this weekend i pulled out a hair that looked like it could’ve belonged to jesse spano, except dark brown. like curly on steroids. i’m so confused how this originated from my head.

As a man who owes his career and wealth to a bikini bottom and bronzing gel, Arnold Schwarzenegger should be more careful about whom he calls “girliemen.”

julia reed quote of the day:
“… But warmth is not the reason the women of Houston wear fur coats. They wear them for the same reason they still wear ball gowns made of tulle, to get attention, to stop a room. In addition to keeping up appearances, Southern women are raised to make entrances.”

im of the day:
MJN: we’ll just call you porkchop

just a thought: if you’re going to pick a fight with an opposing ballplayer, why would you pick the catcher – the guy wearing the helmet, mask and body armor? i mean, i’ve been knocked flat out twice in a 20 min span with a bat and didn’t even show a bruise the next day. A-rod may have the looks, but appears to be lacking in the common sense dept.

congrats to lizzie’s fave senator, who got his very own article in the NY Times, accused of being a “gay uncle tom.” haha, good article though. lizzie is an executive staff assistant. she loves long walks on the beach and fox news.

lizzie: hahahah dana
lizzie: you are such a pain in ass


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