georgia. champ.

theme of the week: DESTRUCTO.

i came, i saw, i conquered. georgia games champ two years and running.. do i hear dynasty?

i need this!

maddox wins his 300th. word.

Fox Hoping To Make Mondays A Bitch Again
Fox has signed former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannon Doherty to join the cast of its Monday drama North Shore. Starting with the September 20 episode, she’ll play Alexandra Hudson, the bitchy, but “ambitious” long-lost sister of series star Brooke Burns. This move falls in line with Fox’s track record of adding a diva-like character to a struggling first-year series. The formula worked like a charm when Heather Locklear started appearing as a “very special guest star” midway through the first year of Fox’s Melrose Place.

Payton to Celtics. Sure, it makes the Celtics better, but more than that, it’s a classic example of the “Theirs/Mine” Exception to the Fairweather-Fan Rules: When the player is on “their” team, he’s a mockery; as soon as he’s traded to “your” team, suddenly flaws are fixable and upside looks sunnier. All is good… until the fans find out that, yes, he really has lost it.

Auto response from USCgirlie24: looking for a husband while dana tries to have her 1.5 kids

Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character.


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