long. island.

BekahHenry: forgot to tell you tonight is karoke night at the tin roof

$12 long island pitchers are back! you’re only invited if you’re special.

more olympic coverage: my new heros, misty may and kerri walsh..

tracking my bike..

crew people are such bullshit. don’t gossip unless you know what the deal is. and i guarantee you that if it has to do with me, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

longtime customers get married at walmart. surprisingly, this did not occur in georgia.

email of the day:

and guess what?? I’m so excited. on atlanta music guide web page last week – they had a little blurb on the the open mic madness – and they mentioned who their 5 favourites were, and they put me down!!! I was sooooo excited….and I owe it all to that girl in high school with the guitar….yea….

george washington gets a makeover.

my most recent shipment from balco.. some stuff called accellerade. okay it was really from my dad, but watch out.


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