julia. reed.

julia reed, a senior writer at Vogue and author of one of my favorite book (not to mention madeira class of 1978), is coming to atlanta TODAY.

christian is my god. thank you.

has anyone seen my blue camera? i don’t think i took it to long island’s on tuesday, but i really can’t remember the last time i had it. 😦

quote of the day:”I now have only good days and great days” -lance armstrong

im of the day:
Nikipink: How HOT does Michelle Branch look in her new White Houses video????
Nikipink: hahahhaa JK its Vanessa Carlton
Nikipink: HA HA HA

trinity is back! sort of.

get britney spears’ DNA! a piece of her gum is for sale on ebay.

sarah y. is now in las vegas. i feel as though this is a dangerous combination. that and i can’t believe that damn dog is still alive.


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