goin’. huntin’.

theme of the week: a huntin’ we will go..

preparations for the big labor day weekend hunting trip..

Bekah: OOOH speaking of outfits don’t forget about our wal-mart trip to go get camo
Bekah: i wonder if you can buy camo capris

what is with people obsessing over my collar?

if i had a dollar for everytime someone at the mtv vma’s called miami their second home last nite..

also, it just dawned on me yesterday why the awards were in miami.. because the RNC starts in NYC today.

SPOON10: ps i’m going hunting next weekend
athena8150: i can just visualize you with your nubbins chuckling over there
athena8150: i only shot a gun off once….i was in VA

joel madden is so hot right now.

maroon 5 sucks. so does hailie duff.

im of the day:
phattatattat: hahaha, you just shouldn’t be such a hot ass

who knows:
phattatattat: i’m so excited for this. dana p rey a madeira employee. who’d have ever thought

i have gmail invites, so if you’re interested please ask nicely and i’ll think about it 😉

athena8150: walmart is worse then the NRA
SPOON10: you bleeding liberal
athena8150: (only cause you shot me)


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