widespread. sugarland.

one of the latest bands that i’m endorsing is atlanta’s own sugarland. i’ve liked them for a while now and they’re on the brink.. so far i’ve gotten cd’s to DC and now california. current single: baby girl. their website needs some work, but it’s http://www.sugarlandmusic.com

Nikipink99: my boss is like who the hell are you talking to that says “hick buddy”

nicole recommends shelly fairchild. my one country loving friend from villanova. and no, she’s not from jersey. thank god.

it only took me an hour and 15 min to drive 10 mi yesterday. i’m beginning to think that the city of atlanta just turns off stop lights for fun during hurricanes. also, i saw a tinted out dodge minivan with rims.

question: hurricanes – do they spin counter clockwise because of the hemisphere? as in do they spin opposite down under?

check out the new nickels. tommy j rules.

thank god.. head of the schuylkill is now going back to racing downriver.

elizabeth sucks!


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