south. coast.

it’s baack: hurricane ivan makes its return as a tropical storm.

find your AQ.

my primary AQ is “Inward Inspirational Seeker – interested in the intrinsic rewards all adventure has to offer – peace of mind, perspective, and personal growth. As an inward inspirational seeker, you are part of a select and extraordinary group. Only 25% of those who have completed the AQ Test have the same profile as you.”

one of my favorite things: random crap on ebay.

britney spears wedding invitation.
britney’s flower. no, not that one.
speaking of which, britney’s marriage isn’t exactly legal.

what’s the deal with the west coast offense obsession? is there an east coast offense that just plain sucks? does the coast affect the way the offense runs? how can it be called “west coast” if everyone and their mom is doing it?

lightbulb burning for 96 straight years.

will MLB move the expos to DC already and call them the senators? peter angelos sucks (and so do the O’s). oh, the current plan is building the DC stadium in ANACOSTIA?!? seriously, you want people to COME to these games, right?? (and preferably leave alive).

it really irritates me that people make a big stink about michael moore and Fahrenheit 9/11, yet THEY HAVEN’T SEEN IT. sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion (thus the basis of being AMERICAN), but it really bothers me that people form their own conclusions and badmouth it without even seeing it. check yourself, watch it, then you decide.

here’s a review that i couldn’t have said better myself:

Michael Moore may come off as a pompous windbag with a penchant for overdramatizing and an almost embarrassingly histrionic approach at “documenting” reality, but you can’t deny that he has a gift when it comes to getting his point across. The movie is fast-paced and fascinating, words you rarely use to describe a documentary, and it’s important viewing material for both sides of the political fence. No, I don’t buy all of it, but even if you put aside all the controversial theories he proposes about Bush and his ties to the Bin Laden family or the mind-boggling images of Bush immobilized for minutes on end after first hearing of the 9/11 attacks, you’re still left with an overwhelming and not-so-vague impression that rampant and obvious cronyism has been the hallmark of the Bush administration, and that they run the country not like a democracy or a republic, but rather like a corrupt corporation, with the ultimate goal of earning the biggest profits while disregarding any sense of ethical responsiblity whatsoever. Worse, it comes across as if the administration, and the president in particular, are pretty much oblivious to anything beyond their own interests or the advancement of their inner circle. Sure, the film is biased, slanted, exaggerated and overdramatized to a fault, but it doesn’t really bring up any new points or raise any new issues that can be refuted. It simply collects them all together into one mesmerizing document. And besides, if you weren’t already having feelings that the current administration might not be trustworthy – or that they might not actually have the best interests of the worldwide community in mind – before this movie even came out, then you haven’t been paying attention.

I do, however, think that Moore could’ve been a little more honest about the brutality of pre-war Iraq, and he also could’ve shown patriotic and proud soldiers in addition to the disenfranchised ones he interviewed, just to be more balanced and less propagandistic. Not that any of that would’ve changed my opinion of the war, but he should play fair after all.

the review is in on philly’s new ballpark. anything is a step up from the vet, though..

leave it to uncle sam to ruin opera’s free car giveaway.

jordan comeback? please, no. and i’m a chi-town fan (since the ‘rents and all..)

kinda hate how it’s become trendy, but a good cause nonetheless. LIVESTRONG.

team united: bands supporting the united way

keep pounding: north carolina cancer research

RIP jack hensley – marietta, ga.


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