blog. begins.

testing out the blog. let me know what you think in the comments area at the end of this entry.

i just had a “i carried a watermelon” moment, as i was really carrying watermelons that my boss brought on the elevator with all these corporate business people..

new uni watch! paul lukas is my idol.

Christian: forget emory!

history of the significant other in music videos.

christian is leaving politics and is applying for this:

SPOON10: they’re asking me by name!!!!
phattatattat: holy shit
SPOON10: what exactly IS a dp?
phattatattat: my only connection is dana p rey
phattatattat: oh, and my dad– danny price
phattatattat: funny how you come first

i hate shaq. but here in particular his head should be deflated.

Shaquille O’Neal told teammates that Michael Jordan has left him several messages, and O’Neal was convinced Jordan wants to play for the Heat this season. O’Neal told teammates he was not interested in having Jordan join the Heat. – Miami Herald

ick’s running in the philadelphia marathon.
“I’m running in honor of the Camden Saturday Clinic which provides free health care services to the underpriveledged community of Camden, NJ. If you would like to contribute, please contact me. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you!” im her at gocubbies21 if you want to donate.

At 205 MPH, Speed Thrills

more hurricanes on the way. it’ll be a wonder if anyone still wants to live in florida after this year.


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