conspiracy. theorizing.

got a camera? courtesy of CP, of course.

the hooch. as in the river. flooded. again. ouch.

“The first debate is really in my opinion about Kerry. People know what they think of Bush: they don’t want to re-elect him.” – James Carville

i’m really looking forward to the presidential debates, but i wish that they weren’t all completely written out beforehand. i would pay good money to see bush go up against kerry with neither side having any pre-scripted questions or knowledge of what’s coming. tête-à-tête. bring it, sucka.

think you know politics? music? tv? anything at all? bring it.

phattatattat: ummm, dana “sexy” p rey

phattatattat: god i am so amused by craigslist

MetroNaps$14 per nap. this is added to my list of random things i would buy if i were rich, including a segway, cadillac escallade and the chicago bears.

unpaid endorsements! i swear!

rocker10880: i feel as though dpnation is my source of news to the outside world

rocker10880: i’ve begun to check your site from now on instead of cnn or fox or ajc

phattatattat: its true, best coverage of the news that i care about

phattatattat: indeed, you are a national figure. better watch yourself

the ragin’ cajun.

worst. draft. picks.

jay leno retiring in ’09 and his replacement is..

Stewart inmate #55170-054.

this week i’m testing out “american morning” on CNN, as opposed to my regular show “cold pizza” on ESPN.

taurasi: rookie of the year. surprise, surprise.

speaking of the WNBA.. did anyone see sue bird get her nose broken last nite? ouch.

oh, philly.. If you get a chance, drive up 95 out of Center City and check out the ‘farewell to Smarty Jones’ billboard: ‘Good Luck Smarty Jones,’ it reads. ‘Go forth and multiply’.”

check, check.


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