fair & balanced?

while it’s quite clear that fox news is the most biased news source on the face of the planet, i find it funny that if you look at any poll regarding the debate and its winner, that kerry is clearly on top. but if you go to foxnew.com, you get a dead heat for the better debator. just shows what type of people are on fox.

speaking of the debate, i don’t know how you can possibly think that president bush is even remotely competent to tie his shoes, let alone run a country. he clearly had no debating skills, blubbering the entire time and leaving long pauses because he couldn’t think of the word. a direct quote in response to why he is better fit to be president: “i just know how the world runs.” and it mistifies me how people think that he “won” the debate. if you can possibly support bush after witnessing that horrifying and exposing 90 minutes, you probably have rocks for brains too. seriously.

now for more of a less politically inspired post..

the tally for emory clothing and trinkets:

4 shirts, 1 jacket, 1 towel and 1 keychain. keep in mind this is my second day. more to come fo sho.

dp stupidity factor:

guess menthol is good for babies too.

bought a brand spankin new computer. updates to the nation will happen next week, but the daily dish here will be pretty regular as usual.

organizations i love: the law firm.

organizations i hate: the chicago cubs. i’m not even gonna get into it. at least i got the braves still.

haha, barry bonds.

people want to go to space for fun/recreation but don’t want to cure cancer or help world hunger. right.


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