fall. break.

fall break is here!! i get one! wahoo for new jobs (and a nice ass loooong weekend!) 

holy extra innings playoff game winning homerun, batman!

city flag rankings. gotta give dc some props. atl’s flag is dumb though.

wafers14: im tryikng ti finish up chris’ present
wafers14: so im not paying much attention
SPOON10: chicks before dicks man
SPOON10: what did you get him?
wafers14: a photo album where you can record messages for each picture
wafers14: then i got pics of all of his frat boys
wafers14: and my girls and had everyboyd record messages
SPOON10: i’m sorry i just threw up in my mouth a little
wafers14: shut up

10 things you should never buy used.
10 things you should never buy new.

speaking of “used” items.. if you’re interested in purchasing britney spears’ undergarments from her “wedding,” check out this ebay listing.

athena8150: yo
kellyann549: ANNER!
kellyann549: or…dp?

MTV’s Real World May Be Coming To Atlanta!
We hear that the next Real World season may be filmed in our own town of Atlanta. Casting directors claim that filming for the next season will begin this winter, and that casting is almost complete. The projected location for the 8 strangers to live is a high-rise condo in Midtown. Keep an eye out for the cameras around Atlanta!

the wonkette:
Bush, Kerry practice spinning WMD report.
Bush: Hussein “retained the knowledge, the materials, the means and the intent to produce weapons of mass destruction.”
Edwards: Bush, Cheney “need to recognize that the Earth is actually round.”

new uni watch.

my new computer is the shit.

happy 24th walt!


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