late. edition.

BREAKING NEWS: canadians want to kill you with their pretend drugs.

apparently bush comes from a “school of thought” ??

bush was against stem cell research before he was for it. wait..

what does john edwards being a trial lawyer have anything to do with his ability to be vice president?

Q: Name three times you’ve made a mistake. A: I WAS RIGHT TO GO TO WAR. AND THAT’S A TRICK QUESTION. FUCK YOU.

does anyone else think it’s weird that in both debates, bush wore blue and kerry wore red?

The debate by-the-numbers
18 questions: 4 on Iraq, 3 on economic policy, 2 on health care, 1 on abortion, 1 on stem cell, 1 on the Supreme Court, 1 on the Patriot Act, 1 on Iran, 1 on the military draft, 1 on terror, and 1 on the environment

No. of times buzzwords were used:
Pres. Bush
My opponent—7

Sen. John Kerry
The president—68
Lost jobs—10


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