half ass debate commentary

bush on the flu vaccine.. he says that we relied on a british company who had contaminated vaccines, and will now be working with canada for help and supplies. wait, the same canada who wants to kill us with their pretend drugs??

“i didn’t get a flu shot and i don’t intend to.” well, if it’s good enough for bushy.. riiight.

omg the wonkette just said the same thing about the canadians. hopefully i can now be her protege.

what does being a senator from mass have anything to do with this debate and how did ted kennedy enter the conversation?

the president is scolding john kerry about fiscal responsibility? wow.

but thank GOD bush finally explained to all of us what the word “paygo” means.

“we are all god’s children.. and if you talk to DICK CHENEY’S LESBIAN DAUGHTER..”

let’s keep reminding those radical conservatives that they’re harboring the enemy. haha.

loving the tony soprano reference. way to bring it back down to our level.

“it’s the equivalent of buggy and horse days.” yes, and it’s also the generation of concise speaking and eloquence.

bush says it’s not credible to quote leading news? oh, he must be referring to fox.

blue cross blue shield must LOVE all this free publicity.

kengstar7: someone needs to give him a napkin to wipe the foam off the corner of his mouth

wonkette: 9:43PM: NOTE TO READERS: We saw the foam, too. The voice in Bush’s ear told him to wipe it off.

bush talking about compounding and investing and such. no comment. too easy.

bush: “he doesn’t know the borders, they are more secure than when i was governor of texas” yes, his thorough knowledge of the borders must come from his spanish speaking ability.

does bush intend to overturn roe v. wade? let’s just use the word litany to sound intelligent.. who needs 2 min when you don’t have an answer for the question. ooh, fancy word!

i stopped paying attention. mmm cookies. shit, snap out of it man.

bang her? oh wait, bush was referring to bangor, maine. sorry. it must be my hearing, his pronounciation is always right on par.

Bush: “The best way to get the troops home is to send them to Iraq.” i have no comment again.

“i believe we should love our neighbor like we love ourself.” unless your neighbor happens to be poor or gay or a minority or doesn’t work for halliburton. you know.

when did this turn into a church sermon?

breaking news: bush doesn’t understand english no good.

W: “i love strong women around me. as many as possible.”

the one LOL moment of the evening (humor, not an “are you kidding me” ha) – kerry mentions that all three have married up.. him moreso than them.

bush talks about spreading freedom like it’s the clap. unfortunately, it’s not that easy. not that i would know. you know.


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