post. debacle.

is it just me, or was that debate boring?

conclusions point that kerry is now 3/3 in the debate win category. and that’s not just me.

from the slate: grand slam – kerry crushes bush in 3rd debate

Bush blinked, bubbled, giggled, and blurted at odd moments. He grinned strangely as he talked about tax increases, entrenched special interests, defeat in Iraq, and contaminated flu vaccines. He held his chin up and tried to smile each time Kerry rebuked him, but the expression on his face was that of a fraternity pledge struggling to look like he was having a good time in the midst of a spanking. The picture of the senior and junior Bonesmen cried out for the caption: “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

Scientists at the University of Kentucky finally may have discovered why unruly sports fans are overwhelmingly male. According to a story in the New York Post, the researchers discovered that women are better at holding their liquor than men. The study found that men’s loss of inhibition was three times greater than women’s after consuming the same amount of alcohol. Moreover, men appeared to become more stimulated and aggressive after drinking while women became more relaxed. The effects were intensified by the presence of the Rangers bullpen.

this is interesting: a HIV superhero?

boston going down in flames. not that i particularly care but i was rooting for the cursed ones since atl and chi are done.

new books in the library: America (The Book), by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show

Had Enough? A Handbook for Fighting Back, by James Carville


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