over. stocked.

overstock.com is featuring barry bonds’ 700th homerun ball. the bidding is already well over 100 grand and has a little less than a week to go. check out the auction here. you might want to ask for an advance in your allowance.

excellent ebay auction.

mmm, all that was sacred in the monday morning memo:
phattatattat: jessica granda and i used to somehow get copies of the memo and put them up in senior clubhouse
(and yes, christian was senior class president during this deliquent tenure.)

holy game 7 batman!

Flu shot shortages, provisional ballots, the Red Sox and Yankees going to game seven: “This is the kind of behavior you see that leads to riots and uprisings,” says one psychology professor. Yeah, imagine if the Cubs were still in it.

latest bushism: “We will NOT have an all volunteer army.”

where are my endorsements already?
phattatattat: you were the athletics posterchild

guess who has the day off?!


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