seven to go.

courtesy of planetdan:

You have 7 days left to convince everyone you know that a vote for the Bush adminstration is a selfish, under-informed, ethnocentric mistake of gargantuan proportions. Not to insult anyone, but it’s the truth.

Just to remind anyone who needs reminding, we waged a pre-emptive war with a sovereign nation under the premise that they had weapons of mass destruction, the capability to create more, the desire to use them, and the desire to aid any other group who may want to use them. The independent 9/11 Commission proved otherwise, on ALL COUNTS. All of these were lies. We also did this at a time when the army was already stretched thin and the US economy was far from healthy. Now we have an overworked, weakened, underpaid army of soldiers fighting a war we can’t afford and that we have no justification for (especially in terms of international opinion).

The horrifying news is that the majority of Bush supporters still believe Iraq had WMD or a major weapons program and that they provided support to al Qaeda. Bush supporters also “misperceive the world public as being not opposed to the Iraq War, favoring a Bush reelection.” Read all about how uniformed Bush supporters really are, and make no mistake, the world HATES the Bush Administration, and they have a hard time making the distinction between the Bush Adminstration and the rest of America right now.

Or better yet, ask all the Bush supporters you know to give you one solid reason why they want him re-elected. If it’s because of something they heard in a TV commercial, then they are uniformed. Kerry will not dessert Iraq. Kerry is not a flip-flopper (any more than Bush is, anyway). Kerry is not underqualified. If you make under $200,000 annually, Kerry will not raise your taxes. And another terrorist attack isn’t any more probable with Kerry in office.

Want more reasons? Read about how the Bush administration has hired radical Christian consultants whose main purpose is to erode the distinction between church and state, and to revise history, claiming that the nation was founded as a Christian nation, which it most certainly was not.

Seriously. It’s crunch time. Give me a reason for why you want to vote for Bush and I will give you a better reason for why you are wrong.


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