judgement. day. (or lackthereof)

this is it. election day. it’s almost over. and hell, halloween candy is marked down at your local drugstore.

this is your friendly reminder from your friends at dpnation to get out and vote today in the most important election, like ever.

also standing in line for 1.5 hours at 830am is a great way to make new friends. hopefully they didn’t notice my john edwards is hot tshirt. that or my james carville book that i was reading to pass by the time. come to think of it, most people there probably don’t even know who james carville is.

it’s nov. 2. what’s weird about this?

1. slightly important election thing going on.

2. it’s 85 degrees and november

3. i’m in the market for a townhouse?

4. there was already xmas stuff up in target.

5. i have quite possibly the greatest halloween costume ever. yes, halloween. more below.

6. goodbye to campaign/slimeball ads for another 4 years!

signs of desperation: in ohio there were two waves of calls going to the undecided and demo voters, one saying that due to the mass turnout, democrats are to vote on nov. 3 and also another call saying that they should “remember to support gay marriage and vote kerry” (which clearly he’s against). seriously? low, low blow.. though to be expected seeing that nader’s campaign is full of republican money too. furthering my lack of faith in the party and the fact that they are complete slimeballs.

i don’t care what side you’re on, it’s completely unnecessary.

Some good news: whether they win the election or lose the election, after next week, the GOP will be getting the fuck out of Arlington. (WashPost)

the varsity junior had a holdup yesterday. you know, the one i drive by everyday to get to work. awesome.

i have the awesomest halloween costume ever.

yes, i know halloween was yesterday.. for some reason the emory staff party seems to think it’s this weekend
DC Council entertains the madding crowd on the subject of taxpayer funded baseball stadia. Williams, scheduled to speak late in the hearing, figures he hasn’t really shown up for this issue thus far, so why bother starting now. Great Marion Barry quote: “This is the biggest stickup by Major League Baseball since Jesse James was doing train robberies.” Ummm, Jesse James did robberies for Major League Baseball? Barry added: “Nobody could refute what I said.” That’s true, Marion, that’s true. (WashPost)


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