Bekah: where have you been alcohy?

taking monday off because i had to work this weekend. mmm. must.. re.. collect.. life.

christian is alive! after a stressful suicide watch, the woman called me at 1am on sat. dazzling yet intellectual conversation ensued from two bars.

turns out that my one true talent in life is chugging beverages of the alcoholic nature.. i don’t know if that’s disappointing or just totally awesome.

it’s quite possible that my new name at work will now be elmo.

this is a must read:

“I’m saddened by what I feel is the obtuseness and shortsightedness of a good part of the country – the heartland,” Dr. Joseph said. “This kind of redneck, shoot-from-the-hip mentality and a very concrete interpretation of religion is prevalent in Bush country – in the heartland.”

“New Yorkers are more sophisticated and at a level of consciousness where we realize we have to think of globalization, of one mankind, that what’s going to injure masses of people is not good for us,” he said.

did you ever wonder how a ouiji board works? THE ANSWER!


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