your. mom.

whalfond: dont think you can avoid the consequences for your mean jab by acting upset at me
SPOON10: don’t think that you can use me to get to my mom
whalfond: lol, i already got your mom

guess i’m not moving to DC anytime soon.. (i’ll wait til the oval office):
Men’s Health finds D.C. has “highest percentage of young, single, college-educated women” but is #2 in Rogaine sales and #2 in “the number of Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra prescriptions dispensed per capita.”

guess which states pay the most federal tax dollars compared to which states receive the most federal tax dollars. go ahead. guess.

jamilton82: so, I sit down in dad’s chair and what do I see but a cataloge titled “the Popcorn Factory” …..

10 spot:
A Rhode Island philanthropist is offering on eBay the original 1919 contract that sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees and started the Curse of the Bambino. Bidding, which closes on Tuesday, has exceeded $1 million, with the funds earmarked for a Rhode Island homeless shelter. The shelter had planned to use the gift to help Johnny Damon get back on his feet … until it learned that Damon only looks homeless.

i want the senators, but who listens to me anyway?
MLB is expected to announce the Expos’ new name within the next two weeks, with the Nationals as the reported frontrunner. To reflect the current Washington landscape, the uniforms will be predominately red, with blue trim on the neck and sleeves.

amazing how the NL cy young award front runners are a couple 40+ year olds..

“I miss voter fraud.” -John Stewart


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