later, ashhole.


as i mentioned week or so ago.. adios, ashcroft. maybe i should go into fortune telling.

Apparently, Bush’s Iraq-man on the NSC, Robert Blackwill, has been known to put his Cloisters neighbors off their breakfast by allowing unfettered access to his morning constitutional through his un-curtained windows. For everyone who wishes there was greater transparency in Iraq policy, be careful what you wish for blah blah cakes. One question: why do we not have a Wonkette live cam on this yet? (The Reliable Source)

With President Bush’s re-election less than one week past, planning is well underway for his second inaugural ceremony.

Last weekend, we reported the inauguration will have unprecedented levels of security, including 4,000 combat troops, metal detectors, and more undercover police, and the Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that the event would be overseen by the Secret Service as a “special security event.”

Meanwhile, a discussion on Indymedia seems to indicate planning is under way for protests as well. Activists have established a website which asks supporters to come for a “week of action” from Jan. 15 until Jan. 20, 2005.

In 2000, supporters and protestors alike endured cold, damp weather to watch his speech and line the “parade” route to watch President Bush speed by. His motorcade was hit with eggs and jeered by thousands of protestors, many bitter over the controversial Florida re-count.

i expect no less this time around and i would be there with a carton of eggs myself if i were even remotely local.

charlotte bobcats: 1-800-HILARITY ensues as team ticket phone number mistakenly linked to sex-chat line. New team slogan: “For a good time, call the Bobcats.”


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