bizz. nass.

check out my awesome new business cards:

I might be a Catholic girl but these Evangelicals are over the top. Regardless of your religious beliefs, ever heard of separation of church and state?

dp bookclub:
The Last Season (A Team in Search of its Soul) – Phil Jackson
He’s Just Not Into You – Behrendt & Tuccillo (Sex and the City) – recommended by Lizzie (and Oprah)
Bush v. the Environment – Robert Devine

oh boy, I knew this was coming.. this weekend I introduced myself as elmo to a guy who was at the staff halloween party, just to jog his memory. He sure did look different without the cutoffs and cowboy hat.

so Christmas music has been playing in stores for a couple weeks now.. my question is: what happened to thanksgiving??

favorite commercial of the moment: the Barcardi ad where the fly has a24 hour lifespan.. but I’m a little confused where the lady is chasing the dude around with a fly swatter. Isn’t that equivalent of me chasing a guy around with a loaded gun?

i’m officially retiring my livestrong band for a few reasons:
1. not even the youth size comfortably fits my obsecenely small wrists
2. yellow clashes with a lot of stuff.
3. i’m so sick of them being trendy.



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