b. ball.

playing the staff/student game tonite.. should be interesting.

okay people playing the race card in the whole terrell owens/desperate housewives just need to shut it.

speaking of football.. steve spurrier is looking a bit cocky. ps ash loves her cocks.

John Humphrys, author of Lost For Words, says it’s “deeply depressing” the way George W. Bush and Tony Blair are mangling the English language. I am a bit more aggrieved at the way Bush and Blair are grinding up Iraqi children into charnel, but I guess it’s cool because, you know, eventually, they come for the, um…words, too.

Ex-Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth is close to completing the necessary training to become a full-blown New York City paramedic. New York City, meanwhile, is doing everything they can to never get hurt again ever.


Where sports and science collide: New research shows the human physique evolved specifically for the act of running. I smell a shoe ad …

thank GOD they changed the rule so that the repub house majority leader can now be indited without fear of losing his position..

it’s time to buy new running shoes! a necessary evil.


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