almost. home.

two days of work, then off to turkey land.. no really – harrisonburg, va: poultry capital of the world.

so a guy gives me his business card while i’m out riding.. klassy.

GO HOOS! is this brownie kosher?

detroit is such a LOVELY place.
“There was a time at the bus where they were telling us to turn off the lights because they were afraid people would shoot at our bus,” Harrison said.

guess ron artest will get that time off to promote his rap album, afterall.

check out what mark cuban of the mavericks thinks here.

why the hell do all the people on the real world have split personalities that they feel the need to explain to the audience?? seriously?

listen up.
Boulevard of Broken Songs – Green Day VS. Oasis VS. Travis VS. Eminem…

Here’s an example of the wit and intelligence at work behind this mash-up by San Francisco producer/remixer/alt-radio guy Party Ben, built around Green Day’s soon to be ubiquitous “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

this is ridiculious..

“Looks like you dated the wrong brother.”
noooo shit.


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