ouija. fraud.

so, our ouija experiment didn’t work and our initial assumptions proved true: while blindfolded, the board gave gibberish answers, since our subconscious answers to our own questions couldn’t be revealed, as we couldn’t see where to “point” the board piece.

this is mentioned on a previous post.

also, i learned that i’ve been spelling the word ouija incorrectly until now. (formerly ouiji).

now, we’re onto bigger and better experiments. light as a feather, stiff as a board. this website explains how levitation is possible, this allowing this game to work. (please ignore the slightly weirdass picture at the top of the website). the dpnation will try this out, of course.

the yahoo game schedule has finally started marking the NHL games as “postponed.” wishful thinking..

movie review from the dcist:
DCist walked into National Treasure last weekend with high hopes. Although the Post may have maligned it as a “‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ for people who slept through American history class,” as a guilty fan of quasi-historical action flicks, we were expecting to be entertained. On that count the film didn’t disappoint — for the most part, the whizzes whizzed, the bangs banged, and the nonstop action was sprinkled with enough plot twists and fancy gadgets to keep our attention. Continued here.


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