chilly. spoony.

damn, i leave for like 3 days and now it’s freezing.

Auto response from kengstar7: zero interest in going to work tomorrow.

things accomplished over thanksgiving break:
1. sat next to a really hot guy on the airplane. unfortunately en route to oklahoma.
2. thanksgiving thursday? how about friday too? as in we went shopping for more thanksgiving food on friday to cook. love it.
3. assisted my mother in baking 19 different varieties in christmas cookies. gorging ensued. now diet.
4. got snuck into the gym. by one of the workers.
5. had a finding nemo moment with a goldfish. it was sad.
6. blogged more than wonky. though she was probably mixing cough syrup with vodka again.
7. dispelled the ouija board myth. and learned how to spell ouija correctly.

coming this week on the nation: pictures from this fall, including the infamous halloween elmo, uva v. gt, and more..

michael jordan’s older brother deployed to iraq. he’s only 5’7″, compared to michael at 6’6″.

AFLAC duck!


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