balco. blunder.

according to reports.. Jason Giambi testified to a grand jury that he used steroids. no big surprise here, but just moving the process along to the bigger target.. BB himself.

spongebob for ransom!

DC.. Blows
High winds have caused a number of power outages throughout the region and in one instance, caused a townhouse in the District to collapse.. The house in question, located at 11th and W streets NW, was under construction.

Keep your hats on folks, and beware of flying debris.

Can you believe it’s December already? Me neither. Crap. We should use these weeks before the holidays to buy our friends and family thoughtful, meaningful presents. Hmm. Or, we can go out and get tanked..

in reference to those magnetic yellow ribbons, excessive crap on the cars:

At last count, there are approximately 7,784,214 ways to support our troops and raise awareness for cancer research that don’t involve bedecking your car with grotesque plastic geegaws. Pick one of them.

as previously reported, atlanta is the third most dangerous city in the nation. though, you gotta give props to detroit at number two, who boasts trees growing out of abandoned art deco skyscrapers).


One Response to balco. blunder.

  1. winstolv says:

    They all use illegal drugs.

    MLB-ESPN covers it up.

    Now you know too.

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