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FL Sheriff’s Deputy Fired For Urinating In Elevator..

oh, craigslist. where would we be without it?

MSNBC – Ghost cane nets $65,000 on eBay

Fairfax planners have envisioned a mini-city at the Vienna Metro Stop, complete with it’s own terrible music scene. So, to all you Arlingtonians riding the inbound Orange line during rush hour: take a picture, because pretty soon you’ll never ride that train again. (Post)

“Why do people agree to talk to us?” -Jon Stewart

Ashlee Simpson. Everybody in the country knows about her SNL disaster, and it ain’t going away anytime soon. She might as well have done steroids and hit 73 home runs. She’ll always have an asterisk next to her name.

So, what next? Time to place your bets. What’s going to happen when Ashlee snaps? Will she:
A) Pose for Playboy? Makes sense. The girl will be seeking some sort of validation and acceptance, what better way to get it than taking off your clothes for the world?
B) Hit The Bottle? She’s from Texas, which means she grew up listening to songs about turning to booze when things go wrong. It’s practically in her blood.
C) Pills, Pills, Pills? This has to be the money favorite, doesn’t it?
D) Change Her Name, Get On A Boat, & Just Sail Away? If it’s good enough for Bison Dele, it’s good enough for Ashlee Simpson
E) Drop Out of The Limelight, Move to the Mountains, Smoke A Lot of Weed?
If it’s good enough for Ricky Williams, it’s good enough for Ashlee Simpson.
F) Buy Herself Tremendous Fake Breasts, A Nose Job, and Completely Alter Her Appearance? Doubtful this one will live on its own without the assistance of B or C, but probable nonetheless.
G) End It All? I hope not, mainly because you know it would result in an absolutely horrific tribute song by Jessica.
H) Beat the odds and find success, be happy, and live a long and satisfying life. Doubtful. -mbip

i know what i should do but i just cant turn away..


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