eli. sucks.

haha, eli manning yanked again.

the kobe bryant/karl malone thing is now officially a soap opera.
and ps, why is he complaining about this when he was the dude who cheated on his wife??

go eagles! Brian Westbrook was in my comp sci classes. surprisingly, he actually had a real major.

UVA wins the helmet contest. oh yes. go hoos. SI. com The 10 Spot


MLB Hot Stove: Sosa to Nats? He may be on the decline, but this is the “Big Ticket” move the new D.C. team needs.

twelve is the new eleven. and the new number one.

From Wired.com:

An Arkansas boy who got wind of the Christmas gift his mother bought him allegedly assaulted her and threatened her with decapitation. The 13-year-old demanded that the present be returned and the cash handed over to him, then backed up his demands by picking up a butcher knife with an 8-inch blade and threatening to use it to cut off his mom’s head, police said. “He said that all would have been well if she had just bought him the correct present,” said the officer who arrested the troubled teenager.

wonky sightings:

Seen in the security line at National, and on the 7:30 [11/11] shuttle to New York, was normally bow-tie clad Tucker Carlson. He needed a haircut and apparently doesn’t do the tie that early in the morning. Was he headed to the Big Apple to negotiate a new deal? Perhaps I should have asked.

Viktor Yushchenko is grodie. seriously.


5 Responses to eli. sucks.

  1. J says:

    Sure, Kobe cheated on his wife.

    But he got a tattoo to honor her.

    That makes them even, doesn’t it?

    I was listening to a radio interview with Sean May. The interviewer asked him which professors had influenced him.

    His response?

    “My Swahili professor.”

  2. dpnation.net says:

    Actually, I think it was the $4 million, 8-carat Purple Diamond Ring that made things all better 😉

  3. J says:

    And he didn’t even finish!

    Silly Kobe.

  4. dpnation.net says:

    I don’t know about you, but Swahili is certainly an influential aspect in all areas my life..

    ps Kobe went to high school down the street from Villanova. Kinda cool except the whole he’s kinda a bastard now type thing..

  5. J says:

    Lower Merion. Some hotshot lacrosse player went to high school there, too.

    Too bad that the greatest university on Earth, The Johns Hopkins University will win it all this year.

    OK, I’m done with that now.

    And yes, Kobe is a jackass.

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