sandwich. edition.

wash post reports that the low carb craze is over and people are flocking to the renaissance of sandwich making.. YES.

new index pages. check ’em.

DCist points to an article in the Washington Post that offers up advice on how to start a blog. Hell, I’ll give you some advice. For the love of God, don’t. But if you must, don’t suck. That’s all you really need to know.

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: “When a blogger adds new material, it’s called a post.”

HOLY #&^#*@!!!!

Nevermind.. how much can a guy know if his name is Mike Peed. (yes, now is the time where you go back and look because you missed it. click here).

word of the day: copyleft. seriously.

matt leinart is so hot. aaaand he has a blog. hotness.

dying in the cold.


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