texas. twostep.

Bush attends Christmas in Washington at the National Building Museum, and enjoys the pop-stylings of pre-teen whore JoJo. However, Phil “Dr. Phil” McGraw emcees the festivities, which means Bush is only the second most pussy-ass Texan in attendance. [wash post]A Hagerstown couple sues Wal-Mart because the Evanescence CD they bought from there contains the f-word. The lawsuit seeks damages of $74,500; what was damaged, we aren’t quite sure.

greatest. comeback. ever.

Clinton stops for 45 minutes to talk to heckler: “I hope your children turn out to be as perfect as you are, sir.” [NYDN]

Merry Christmas! You’re fired.
After AOL loses 2 million subsribers, 750 will lose their jobs.


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