spit or swallow?

Odd story from Texas A&M..

Students lined up for Cotton Bowl tickets on the night of Dec. 8, signing a roll-call list for the seats that would go on sale the following morning. But come daybreak, a female student strode to the front of the line and literally ate the list, claiming that the process was unfair. The student later told a TV station that she didn’t swallow the list, so we can only presume that she spit it out. She did get her tickets, but ignored the crowd’s chants to eat them too. Here’s some video about the paper-eater.



2 Responses to spit or swallow?

  1. J says:

    Stupid link doesn’t work!

    Damn you CNNSI!

  2. dpnation.net says:

    hmm.. apparently many people want to see this chick eat paper (it was working earlier, but i take no responsibility other than breaking the news.. believing it is your problem..)

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