summer. employment.

Looking to fill the months of June and July with some extra bling. Job suggestions, anyone?

Locations: DC, the ATL.. and anywhere else where there’s a free couch.

1. Intern at Senator Petey Pablo’s office (Pete Domenici for all you politically unsavvy).
Perks: lunchtime margs, power suits and politics, politics politics!
Cons: CSPAN, pantyhose, and lizzie would be my boss.

2. Camp Counselor of some sort
Perks: low stress, outdoors, get out early (plenty of time for training for races).
Cons: kids can be annoying, low paying, sucky counselors?

3. Take classes
Perks: get a jump start on that TBD law/graduate degree.
Cons: no salary, schoolwork blows.

4. Nothing
Pros: I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be.
Cons: ain’t getting paid to sit on ass and watch 90210 reruns, get fat from drinking 24/7..

5. JCrew or other retail
Cons: standing for 6+ hours straight, sucking up to stupid/rich people, incompetent workers, daily sales goals and pitching credit cards.

6. Escort (as suggested by J)
Pros: apparently it can be quite lucrative.
Cons: being mistaken for a hooker.


One Response to summer. employment.

  1. J says:

    Being an escort can be quite lucrative.


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