post. jesusfest.

all in all, the holiday went decently well, aside from gaining 15 lbs in pure cheesecake.

best gift: digital camera AND photo printer

gift received that was actually on xmas list: star wars ep IV-VI dvd set

randomest gift: spa trip to receive facials

best gift given: santa wine cork/autographed thomas jones helmet (take your pick)

Vince Carter: makes Nets debut tonight vs. Pistons

why have there only been three captains in the history of the red sox? last week they made jason varitek a captain even though they haven’t had one for a couple decades. plus, they seemed to do alright without one last year.

RIP reggie white, john deardourff


5 Responses to post. jesusfest.

  1. J says:

    How come no Ronald Curry autographed helmet?

    Oh wait, because he betrayed you guys!

  2. says:

    looks like that was a poor decision on his part! and now oakland? rest in peace, buddy.

    now back to watching the hoos on the smurf turf.. though they definitely got screwed with the bowls this year. but tire bowl you say? UVA already owned that one.. twice.

  3. J says:

    “Waah, we’re Virginia. We can’t go to a bowl game, because of exams. Waah waah waah!”

    I will also say that I got my heart broken by a UVA Alpha Delta Phi, back in the day.

    But that’s OK. I got her back.

  4. says:

    alpha delta pi.. til the day i die!

    [insert secret sign here]

  5. J says:

    “Alpha Delta Pi. Thanks for teaching me how to suck a dick.”

    Ahh, the drunk dials.

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