wed. dizzy.

low culture on Colin Powell doing the honors at Times Square on New Year’s Eve: “Well, He Does Have Experience ‘Dropping the Ball.'”


ATTN. Wonkette fans: you are being duped

Wonkette’s a phony. She’s purely a creation of marketing and nothing more than a means of revenue for Gawker Media, a publishing firm. [Shock and Blog]

wash post reports that female gangs are on the rise..

“Tiny metal braces jut from the top and bottom of Washington’s mouth. The wires do not straighten her smile, but bind her jaw together. It was broken this summer, she said, when members of the X-Rated Hunniez gang “stomped [her] with boots” on a city street. Other gang members proudly display their “tattoos,” or scars, from fights outside of go-go clubs or sports events.”


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