new years eve eve

wow, getting old sucks.

Sports Illustrated knows how to cover a catastrophe: Swimsuit model survives tsunami. Whew, tragedy averted.


The 2nd Annual Match Bowl!

Test your skills as a consumer whom companies would want to market to! Match the Bowl to the Sponsor, using games from Thu-Sat.

Bowl:1. Holiday

2. Music City

3. Sun

4. Liberty

5. Peach

6. Cotton

7. Gator

8. Rose

9. Fiesta


a. Tostitos

b. Gaylords Hotel

c. Chick-Fil-A

d. Pacific Life

e. Vitalis

f. SBC

g. Auto Zone

h. Toyota

i. Citi

Sponsors that bought their bowl to rename it with their own brand (Continental Tire, Emerald, Capital One, Outback and the City of Silicon Valley) are ineligible.

Answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-E, 4-G, 5-C, 6-F, 7-H, 8-I, 9-A

Ohio recount reveals closer poll margains. Dude, give it up, we lost.

the big unit is all but headed to new york. gag.

happy 20th birfday to lebron james. yeah.. sometimes life just isn’t fair.


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