BOSTON – Calling it “my retirement fund,” Boston first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz stashed in his safe deposit box the ball used in the final out that sealed the Red Sox’s first World Series championship in 86 years.

Mientkiewicz wasn’t even on the Red Sox for a full season – he was part of the Nomar trade. He’s not even a starter. Now he thinks he’s entitled to one of the most famous moments in baseball history? Maybe MLB should enact some kind of drug testing, this guy is clearly dillusional, though, as his stats would show, not using The Clear.

“I know this ball has a lot of sentimental value,” Mientkiewicz said. “I hope I don’t have to use it for the money. It would be cool if we have kids someday to have it stay in our family for a long time. But I can be bought. I’m thinking, there’s four years at Florida State for one of my kids. At least.”


Since when is a $7 million contract not enough money? Must be friends with Latrell.

Yahoo! News – Sox First Baseman Won’t Give Up Ball


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