free. bagels.

Always the best way to start off the morning, esp if you have been sitting on I75 alone for 30 min (~6 mi)

Speaking of which.. and we all complain about Atlanta traffic.. check out what happened in Detroit: 200 Car Pileup

Well, the big story from yesterday is the end of venerable “alternative” station WHFS, now transformed into El Zol – the Hot Hits of Somebody’s Barrio. WHFS signed off yesterday after spinning Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” – the irony being that here someone at the station plays a song that was direct-ordered by some advertising company, and it’s their last. And even so, it still feels like a cliche. -dceiver.

China welcomes its 1.3 billionth child.. a baby boy. Good thing, it’d be a little awkward to put the 1.3 billionth baby [girl] up for adoption.

Nazi arm bands are the new Nixon masks..


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