Now Hiring..

Prompted by the nation’s smoking correspondent CP

Interns Make the World Go Round

Everybody’s got one. And I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t have one. Or maybe two. So if you or someone you know would like to do most of the work at the dpnation, get paid nothing, and then characterize it on your resume in a way that makes it sound like you did something important, please see application below.

The Nation’s Intern Application

1. What DVD’s do you own?

2. (a.) Which nation post(s) do you most identify with?

2. (b.) Do you hate all the posts and see this as an opportunity to improve/take over the nation?

3. What food are you willing to cook on a regular basis?

4. Do you think anybody is still reading this blog?

PS – UKS ain’t got nothing on The Nation!


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