fish. bowl.

new gossip blog on DC.. FishBowlDC — Naturally High on the News

though the author’s affiliation as a former Deaniac make this blog questionable already..

Speaking of questionable blogs..

Wonky is taking Feb off.. tear. “So it turns out that after a publisher give you money, you have to give them a book. And for some reason, simply printing out dozens of posts about ass-fucking and stapling them together isn’t acceptable. (Though we understand that approach works for some. So jealous!) Long story short: For the month of February, this site will be in the capable hands of Choire (KOR-EE) Sicha (SEEE-CHA). He’s completely clueless about politics, incredibly shallow, and liable to post things with only the most cursory of fact-checks (and by “cursory” we mean “non-existent”). In other words, you’ll hardly know the difference.”

can’t wait for Ana’s book though..

introducing, “wonks”

Washington Examiner: ADD For DC

And, at long last, the Washington Examiner debuts. Says its publisher:

“The Examiner presents a new concept of journalism that we think fits the busy Washington regional market, where our readers may be analyzing the dangers of the Middle East one minute and cheering on their 9-year-old at soccer the next.”

Since when is attention deficit disorder a new concept of journalism? Wait, hold on—there’s a black ops Baghdad incursion composed of 9-year-olds? Ooh, look, Celine Dion! Shiny!

Jon Stewart on Iraq: “Why did God put all of our fuel under there?”

Atlanta Braves tix on sale TODAY.

Nixon just sent me a brand spankin new watch yesterday. yessss.

“In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs for ever and ever” -Oscar Wilde


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