early. start.

Yeah, whoever’s idea it was to have some stupid community meeting at 9am can crawl in a hole and die.

Coconut smore bread = huge success. Though you would think that past experience would teach one NOT to eat such a large portion (or in some cases, 90% of the loaf). I’m sorry I yelled at you, Schmitty. But seriously you didn’t have to throw the rest of it out.. even though it’s quite possible that I might have said to.

Welcome back, Bobby!

Budweiser is coming out with a new beer that has caffiene in it. So now you won’t be able to get the drunks to quietly pass out in the corner.. real smart.

The Apprentice is coming to ATL on Sat. Not my bag, but hey, maybe it’s for you. Personally the only reason why I would go would be to try to touch the Donald’s hair.

Fidgeting makes you skinny! yesssss.

Is it entirely nerdy for me to admit that I’m looking forward to watching the State of the Union address tonite? Well, more like looking forward to yelling obsenities and throwing things, but hey, tonite it will be justified.

And if you’re lucky, maybe a little live blog action.


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