manic. monday.

well that was a bust..

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than watching an older person try to slap high-fives with equally old people.. example: the Pat’s owner in his press box. Totally awkward.

and if you thought that the dynasty talk was annoying before.. ugh.

if you want to relive the Super Bowl ads.. see here.

That whole Superbowl thing turned Ex-Presidents episode: why did we have to see H.W. Bush and Clinton holding hands? To whom, exactly, is that homoerotically hot? Not even us! And are we nuts, or was Bush not wearing a wedding ring? -Wonks

The Bennifer Ring Is Back On The Market

Would you Buy a used ring? If you’re looking for something special to buy your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, the ring made famous by the couple once known as “Bennifer” is up for sale. Famed jeweler to the stars Harry Winston has re-acquired the $1.2 million engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave to former fiance Jennifer Lopez. The stunning piece of jewelry is now available at Winston’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Lopez reportedly returned the 6.1-carat, pink-solitaire to Affleck when they split in February of last year, just five months after they called off their $2 million Santa Barbara nuptials. Meanwhile, there’s a rumor going around that Ben has purchased a NEW engagement ring for his NEW Jennifer: Jennifer Garner. If we are to believe the latest chaos, Ben will be popping the question on or around Valentine’s Day.


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