Paris. Hijacked.

Hot off the press! The Nation has aquired the phone numbers out of Paris Hilton’s hijacked sidekick. We verified that the restaurant numbers in there are correct, and are finding out from Bijou Philips’ brother if Bijou’s number is correct, meaning this is legit.

A few notables:
Aguilera, Christina 1-310-917-9191
Carter, Sean (jayz obvi)
Davis, Brandon 1-310-402-4227 (mischa barton’s bf)
Davis, Kim 1-760-702-0641 (rod stewart’s supermodel daughter)
Dupri, Jermaine
Durst, Fred
Gotti, Victoria 516-313-4679
Hilton, Nicky 1-310-926-5149
Hilton, Tyler 1-818-335-3838
Kournikova, Anna 305-206-5883
Lavigne, Avril 1-613-532-4092
Lil John 1-678-362-6742
Lohan, Lindsay 1-347-596-9990 (ask her if her boobs are real)
Maloof, George 1-702-219-5200
Olsen, Ashley 1-310-760-1996 (but no mary kate?)
Paris 310-907-6224
Pharrel 1-646-824-1999
Richie, Miss Nicole
Roddick, Andy 1-512-228-2207
Simmons, Russel 1-212-840-9399
Simpson, Ashlee 1-310-254-7114
Vin Diesel 1-310-279-6312


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