saint. patty.

what a day.. march madness commences, MLB hearings, shaq/kobe.. oh, and that whole st. patty’s day thing.
and no, this year will not be a reenactment of the last.. but just to reminisce. and for the record this was entirely Bridget’s fault.

Is Jose Canseco going for the flamingly gay look in addition to steroid user? Maybe he’s attending another hearing while he’s there..

not looking so green today: ANWR
Senate approves ANWR drilling, 51-49; rejects additional funding for Amtrak, 52-46, and pay-as-you-go plan, 50-50. [WP]

Peeps season officially begins tomorrow! mmm. Nudie found a peeptastic website here too..


One Response to saint. patty.

  1. J says:

    Boats should have eight oars, and jackets should have two or three buttons. Not 18.

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