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The Gotti Diet. Apparently the organized crime thing isn’t working out so well anymore, so might as well try writing a book like all other semi famous people.. does this put them in the same league as Hilary?

According to Skyline Ranking, Atlanta has the 29th best skyline in the world. They have a mathematical formula for determining the rankings and what seems like a solid methodology.
This listing ranks cities by the visual impact of their skylines. It is drawn entirely from statistics in this website’s database, and reflects only completed high-rise buildings as defined by the Emporis Data Committee (EDC). This calculation does not include TV towers, masts, bridges, or other structures.
About the formula: Each building is assigned points based on its floor count (see the table to the right). The point total for each city is calculated automatically and displayed.

Points per Building
12..19 floors = 1 point
20..29 floors = 5 points
30..39 floors = 25 points
40..49 floors = 50 points
50..59 floors = 100 points
60..69 floors = 200 points
70..79 floors = 300 points
80..89 floors = 400 points
90..99 floors = 500 points
100+ floors = 600 points

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